Geothermal Heat Pumps

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Air Conditioning is the art of removing heat from one spot to another. This is done when a fan in the home moves warm humid air over an air coil made of a series of copper or aluminum tubes on fins with a refrigerant ( Freon) absorbs the heat from the air and takes it to the condensing side where the compressor pumps the temperature of the Freon up to 25 or 30 degrees above the ambient temperature, so the cooler air can remove the heat from the Freon where it is returned to the inside so it can pick up more heat, repeating
the cycle.
An air cooled heat pump does the same thing, except in a reverse cycle. In the winter, it picks up heat from the outside in to the Freon, takes it inside and the transferred into the home. An air cooled heat pump is effective until the Temperature outside gets down to 47 degrees. At that point, there is not enough heat in the air for the heap pump to work effectively, so the electrict heat strips in the fan coil has to come on to keep the house warm. Electric Heat strips are the most expensive way there is to heat a home.

A Geothermal Heat Pump is basically the same as an Air Cooled system except the heat picked up by the Freon is transferred to a coil where water from a series of pipes take the heat from the Freon and transfers it in to the earth where the heat is either put into or removed from the earth ..

Since the earth Temperature is approximately 70 degrees year round, once you get below 20 feet deep, The Geothermal Heat Pum does not need electric heat strips to beat the home.

Since the earth temperature remains constant around 70 degrees year round the Geothermal Unit does not know if the outside temperature is 5 below zero or I 05 degrees above, it thinks it is 70 degrees, so it is the most efficient and dependable heating and cooling system on the market.

Efficiency is only one of the many advantages of a Geothermal Heat Pump.

Less electrical wiring required, approximately 75 per cent less maintenance and repairs, with over a 20 year life expectancy; We recently replace unit in large home in Woodway that we installed over thirty years ago).
These are only a few of the advantages of a Geothermal Heat Pump System.
We have installed over 2500 geothermal systems in every size home and building, form a Garage Apartment to a 5000 square foot home, 200 tons in churches, schools and commercial buildings.
We own our own drilling and trenching equipment, so we are able to install the systems at an affordable price, and with a 30 percent Federal Tax Credit. There is nothing better.