Conventional Air Cooled Units

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We sell and install York, Coleman and Goodman brands of air cooled Air Conditioning unit, with Natural Gas and Propane Heat and Electric Heat pumps. In new construction, existing buildings or for replacement units.
These units come in all sizes and configuration, for any size application. We have installed these units in most any application imaginable .
We service and repair all brands and types of Air Cooled units and have repair parts for most any need.
These units come with SEER’s from the 14 to 16 range. There are a few sizes that have an SEER of over 18.

About SEER’s and EER’s:

  • SEER is Seasonal Energy efficiency rating which is at 85 degrees out side temperature.
  • EER is Energy Efficiency Rating, which is at 95 degrees
  • To compare EER to SEE, multiply the EER by 1.25 for the SEER. le 15 EER x 1.25 =18.75 SEER.